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A combination of new cutting edge technology, 15,000 Zoom! Lamps in the field plus over a decade of unparalleled whitening experience went into the new & completely redesigned Zoom2. It's the fastest, most effective and most comfortable Zoom! whitening system ever.

33% Faster - Results in 45 Minutes
An average of 8 shades in just 45 minutes.

67% Less Sensitivity
Zoom2 patients experience 67% less sensitivity than those treated with the original Zoom! system – a system heralded for its low sensitivity characteristics.

The new zoom2 advanced optical guidance system ensures quick, precise patient set-up for optimal results.

How Zoom2 Light Activation Technology Works
The “photo-fenton” reaction of peroxide and iron produces hydroxyl radicals, a.k.a. “stain terminators.” This light reaction cyclically renews the iron, so it continues to produce hydroxyl radicals, significantly enhancing whitening results




Press Release

Zoom2!...Redefining Chairside Whitening and the Science of Instant Gratification

CULVER CITY, Calif., December 6, 2004: Faster. Enhanced patient comfort. Outstanding performance. The completely re-designed and re-energized Zoom2 System is Discus Dental's latest breakthrough in chairside whitening.

With over 15,000 installations, Zoom! is the dominant world's leader in Chairside Whitening Systems. In 2004, the Zoom! System was recognized as Reality's #1 rated in-office whitening system, awarded Dental Advisor's 5 Plus rating and winner of Dental Town's Townie Award for both best in-office system and best Whitening Lamp.

"When you've got a product as great as Zoom!, you really have to work hard to take the technology to the next level of clinical performance. Zoom2 does just that. The all-new lamp is built for speed and completes treatment in just three 15-minute sessions. We've also streamlined the design, so it's even easier to use," said Dr. William Dorfman, founder of Discus Dental, Inc.

Zoom2 raises the bar to a new level of performance while delivering an average of eight shades, and sometimes as many as twelve, in less than an hour. The new Zoom2 system is:

  • Faster - Achieve superior results in three 15-minute sessions. The new system reduces chair-time by 33% with no compromise in results.
  • More Effective - The proprietary light activated Zoom2 gel incorporates patented Amorphous Calcium Phosphate1 (ACP) technology to provide superior whitening results.
  • Easier - The new Precision Light Guide System ensures quick and consistent patient set-up for optimal whitening results, while the new locking casters and ergonomically designed structure make moving and positioning Zoom2 a snap.
  • Lower Sensitivity - Reduced contact time, ACP chemistry, combined with the new Balancing Agent and Satin Finish, to ensure the lowest possible discomfort for patients. In fact, Zoom2 patients experience 67% less significant sensitivity than those treated with the original Zoom System.

"Ten years ago, I dreamed of a system that could instantly whiten my patients' teeth. Zoom2 makes that dream a reality. I truly believe the Zoom2 experience will be the best 45 minutes your patients ever spend in your practice," said Dr. William Dorfman. "Instant gratification just got a lot more gratifying - for you and your patients!"

About Discus Dental
Founded in 1993, Discus Dental, Inc. is a leader in the dental industry in the marketing and distribution of premium aesthetic and clinical products to dental professionals. The company also provides practice building tools and services as well as expert industry training for the dental community. Discus Dental is headquartered in Culver City, California.